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Enhancing Eye Care in Tajikistan

Building Capacity for High Quality, Low Cost Cataract Surgical Services in Tajikistan According the World Health Organization, nearly 39 million people around the world are blind and another 285 million suffer from some form of visual impairment. Ninety percent of blind and visually impaired individuals live in low-income settings. It is estimated that 80% of […]

Establishing Teledermatology Programs in Nepal

Although skin diseases do not commonly lead to death, if untreated they can cause difficulty working, require frequent medical attention, and result in disfigurement and social isolation. In Nepal, access to dermatologists is limited especially in rural villages. PASHA is working with Community Health Education Services by Tele-health (CHEST), a Nepali NGO to build capacity […]

Introducing Evidence-Based Dermatology in Tajikistan

We are currently working with expert dermatologists in Tajikistan to improve access to the latest literature and dermatology guidelines for the treatment of common diseases. This project involves working with our dermatologic colleagues and other experts, translating material into Russian, which is the medical language of Tajikistan, and reviewing this material with local colleagues.

PASHA Donates A-Scan for Cataract Surgery

The PASHA Team Recently Purchased an A-scan machine, which can be used for appropriately assigning patients the proper intraocular lesns after cataract surgery.  On a recent visit to Tajikistan, PASHA’s expert ophthalmologist, Dr. Mehdi Ghajar helped set up this machine in Dushanbe at Karbolo Hospital, where it is being used for cataract surgery.  Dr. Ghajar […]

PASHA Co-founder Discusses Iran Deal and Global Health

In a recent op-ed in the Boston Globe, Dr. Ali Lotfizadeh of PASHA and Dr. Mohsen Malekinejad of UCSF discuss how the Iran nuclear deal could impact global health collaborations, citing examples from PASHA’s work in Tajikistan. https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2015/09/15/iran-nuclear-deal-will-bolster-global-health/YF7Hobo2RJPsu547uC4lGM/story.html