Establishing Disease Registries

In Tajikistan, PASHA is working with the Ministry of Health and physician leaders to establish disease registries for patients with eye disease and other conditions. Our team is providing technical support and education to local physicians on use of computer software. We are also providing information technology support for these activities. With the introduction of registries, a patient can visit different facilities and have his or her information accessible to different physicians who can add to the registry. This increases coordination and communication among physicians, which could lead to improved patient care outcomes.

Data from the disease registries will also help Ministry of Health officials, public health professionals, and researchers collect more accurate data on common disease trends and design intervention programs. Recognizing that diseases of the eye and skin are linked to other chronic conditions such as diabetes, we are working with primary care physicians and internists to establish a registry for diabetes patients and to document the complications of diabetes such as diabetic retinopathy.