Introducing Low Cost Treatments for Lower Extremity Wounds

Lower extremity wounds are a major source of disability in patients as they can cause a lot of pain and make it hard for patients to walk. Although lower extremity wounds are very common, treatments can be difficult for patients to access because of the costs involved and the extended period of time that treatments are required. One treatment for lower extremity ulcers is the Unna boot, but these pre-manufactured boots can cost more than 10 US Dollars for a one week treatment course. This makes Unna boots unaffordable to many people especially in low- and middle-income countries.

PASHA recently introduced a program for local physicians and nurses across Tajikistan, training them to locally source Unna boots using ingredients that are readily available at local pharmacies. This program, which was modeled on a similar project implemented in Kenya, allows local pharmacies and health facilities to produce these boots at under 2 US Dollars.

PASHA has held workshops across Tajikistan for physicians in all three oblasts (Khatlon, Sughd, Gorno Badakhshan) and the Region of Republican Subordination, training dermatologists, family medicine physicians, surgeons, and nursing staff on the methods of preparation and use of Unna Boots. Thus far, more than 100 providers across Tajikistan have been trained in this method and the local public pharmacies are working to make these boots available to patients at rates that are affordable to most Tajiks.